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Our Services 

Our services include working with Clients who are interested in developing a strategy to increase wealth through the Joint Venture with KTS Global Enterprise. This program is designed to purchase mortgage notes of single family residences. Through our passive investment model we can help you create the level of return that is matched to your risk tolerance. 

The exit strategies include using  Non-Preforming Notes to develop a situation to become a:

  • Preforming Note and continue until this property is Re-financed.
  • Reselling this property as a Preforming Note
  • Foreclosing on the property and selling this property to a Fix and Flip Investor 
  • Foreclosing on this property, Rehab this property and having it a rental property or as a New Mortgage

Using these exit plan makes this a powerful vehicle to wealth.  Each Joint Venture has an exit strategy that is appropriate to the times we live in.

This same approach can be use for opportunities to invest in multifamily (apartment) properties, mobile home parks and self storage facilities. These are usually set aside for our Institutional and Accredited Investors.