What should I invest in?

The first question is “what is you risk tolerance”? Other questions you maybe asking are:  Do you like the volatility of the Stock Market? The uncertainty of your mutual fund manager? Or the fees that add up and are taken from you profits.

Most of this is minimized with investing in Real Estate. The risk is small because you can position yourself to have a lien in the property. Should anything go wrong, like economy go bad, your capital is secured by the property. Risk is also minimized by knowing how the property is evaluated by the due diligence process.  Generally there are no fees with passive investment so the interest on you money is yours to keep and not shared with the fund managers or stock brokers.  

If your investments are tied up on CD’S or bank deposits for example, your return on investment is minimal and usually does not keep up with the average inflation rate. Investing in Real Estate can give you better returns with minimal risk.

401K and other retirement funds are usually invested in Stocks and Bonds and do not protect you capital the same way Real Estate does. We all know what happened to these investments when the Stock Market took a dive. We all lost a lot of our retirement funds.

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Creating and Managing Wealth through Passive Investment:

A passive investor in most situations, is one who invests his/her money and does not get involved with the day to day decisions of the investment. However, knowing a little bit about the investment is a great idea, most investors don’t bother with the details. “Show me the Money” is what it is all about when it comes to creating wealth. You are just too busy to concentrate on your investments. The investment is usually left up to the professionals who have the time and expertise in this area. The manager profits from this by all the commissions, fees and distribution cost we see in the Stock Market and Mutual Fund administration.

A passive investor at KTS Global Enterprise is much different than the typical investment. Using a Joint Venture concept we partner with the investor to create funding for Non-Preforming Mortgage Notes.  This assures that capital is raise to fund each project. Since these are usually small investments (under 100K) many more investors can take part in this investment than in the past.    

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What other Opportunities do you have?  

KTS Global Enterprise have other investment opportunities that range from Multifamily Properties, Mobile Home Parks, and Self-Storage Facilities. Joint Ventures are available for investors who have anywhere from $100K and up.

If you would like to know more about this please contact at:  KenStrauss@att.net